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Texas Hold'em training and simulation software for Windows

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The #1 rated Texas Hold'em training and simulation poker software. It is a good tool for both poker room players and online poker players.

Major features for Texas Hold'em poker software:

Advise: Gives you intelligent advise on what the best move is. It also shows you the expectations of all possible moves, the relative strength of all live players’ hands, what hands they are possibly holding, and the probability of win and loss.
Simulations: You can stack the deck to run various simulations, or to practice playing specific hands.
There are four playing modes: Normal Play, Compete Play, Internet Play, and Watch Play.
Practice in normal-play mode.
Skill testing in compete-play mode.
Internet play: It is a great tool for players playing Internet poker. You specify what hand you have, what the community cards are, what actions the other players made, the program will give you advise on whether to call, or raise, or fold. You can make notes on how other online poker players play and display the notes while you are playing with them online.
Watch play: You can watch the computer players play one hand at a time for the purpose of learning.
Computer players: You can easily define thousands of computer players. You simply set how often a player stays in, how often a player bets and raises. The computer player will act like a real human player you see in a poker room. There are predefined computer players, from loose player to aggressive and solid player, you can use.
Hand rankings: Displays theoretical starting hand rankings.
Supports two handed to full table games.
Choice of different limit games including unstructured 1-4-8-8 game.
Choice of small blind on the dealer button.
Choice of skipping most garbage hands.
Has three replay mode: Play the hand again, repeat my play, repeat Roy's play.
Many statistical reports and profit-time chart.
Enable sound and voice.
Full screen display or user defined screen display size.
Friendly context help.
Easy installation.
And more.

Products & prices Reviews About us
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